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CareerStar International Pte Ltd

In 2003, the economy of Singapore was hit by an unprecedented shocking event-SARS. Many people lost their jobs and the unemployment rate hit 5.5% in September 2003. CareerStar was then founded with a dream that we could help people to find a job and live a better life.

When the Singapore economy recovered and began to grow rapidly, CareerStar focuses its business on supplying quality foreign manpower. We collaborate with reputable employment agencies and universities in PRC, Taiwan and Korea to stringently select candidates to meet the requirements of our Singapore employers. Hence, we are very experienced in matching the best employees for our employers from this large pool of candidates.

Throughout our founding and growing years, CareerStar has overcome many challenges to make it to where we are today. At CareerStar we are committed to providing a full-team-support approach to facilitate a smooth employment process and effective after-sales support services.

Over the years, CareerStar has served a wide spectrum of industries such as the Hospitality, F&B, Retails, and Manufacturing sectors. We have earned the enviable reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted human resource solution providers in Singapore. We always strive to excel and go beyond our clients’ expectations.

CareerStar is gearing up for the next phase of its growth and development. In keeping with its ethics and mission, we will continue to focus on supplying quality local and foreign manpower. Our team aims not only to be competent, but also ethical, responsible and committed to serving our clients and creating a meaningful difference to our society.

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