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5 Years Data Proof Stable Condo Mini Mart For Take Over(90K SGD With all the stocks and equitments )


Asking Price: S$90,000
  • Premise Type Neighbourhood Premise Size 780sqft
  • Monthly Rental S$6,500 Rental Desposit S$13,000
  • Revenue S$54,000 Cash Flow N/A
  • Gross Profit S$15,000 Net Profit S$5K - 10K
  • Stock N/A Liability N/A
  • Payable N/A Receivable N/A
  • FFE N/A Established N/A
  • Owner Role Part Time Staff N/A
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Monthly average
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Reason For Sale

raising funds for southeast region e-commerce business


Hello guys,

My name is Ken and I have one stable passive income mini mart business for sale nearby Serangoon MRT station.The biggest competative points of this shop is more than 50% of the revenue  come from our Indian customers who live in the condo.Thanks for their support that we could mark up slightly higher and they are willing to get because it save time for them to go to Mustafa for Indian groceries.

Here is the key facts that you will ask directly and let's go straight forward(All the data I list or mention below can be proved by the official documents from bank account,nets and visa terminal official report)

  1. Daily sales:1800 SGD average(not include tobacco and wine)

  2. Monthly sales:54000 SGD stable(not include tobacco and wine)

  3. Gross profit:14500 SGD(27% and base on 54000 SGD monthly revenue.If applied the tobacco and liquid license later could go back to 18000 SGD(25% and base on 75000 SGD monthly revenue)

  4. The daily sales was 2500 SGD daily and 75000 SGD monthly when there were tobacco and liquid license.The new owner can apply and try to get back the previous revenue.

  5. Shop rental:6500 SGD include GST.(Shop is owned by GKC HOLDING PTE LTD,a group company that could reduce the uncertainty while dealing with a private owner)

  6. Electricity bill:900 SGD monthly.There's no water bill as we do not apply for.New owner can apply if needed.

  7. Shop size and the condo's unit:778 square meter feet.The minton condo has total units of 1173.Among them more than 40% are Indian experts and families for there is a famous Indian international school nearby. 

  8. Extra free 950 square meter feet warehouse could be used freely as of for now.(Will explain when discuss)

   9.Manpower:one manager 1800 SGD who will take order for the goods and one part time cashier 900 SGD for each shift and one part time(500 SGD) for 3 hours daily just to top up and cleaning.

   10.Opening hour:8:00 AM-10:30PM everyday.

  11.Take over price:90000 SGD lump sum including all the equipments in shop and all stocks.Stocks value is around 60000 SGD  so the take over fee is just 30K SGD.

  12.I will offer all the official bank statements showing the daily transactions of the shop and nets,visa terminal official reports.All the supplier's invoices,PUB bills,rental bills and whatever could be offerd to verified.

13.I will be with the new owner for all the take over procedure and settle down the arrangement such as recruiting,supplier's contact so on,to make sure the smoothly transfer,especially for the owner without any experience before.

My number is 98902181,can call me directly or whatsapp me for discussion or site viewing.The shop address is 




SINGAPORE (538753)

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