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Looking For Investors - New And Exciting Industry With Huge Potential!

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Looking For Investors - New And Exciting Industry With Huge Potential!
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Asia Insect Farm Solutions (AIFS) is an innovative, technology-driven, Singapore-based startup company. We incorporated AIFS with the vision to use data, robotics and automation to set up a commercial-sized farming plant to rear crickets to be used in food and feed applications. 

We have spent more than a year to familiarise ourselves with the lifecycle of crickets and the traditional rearing methods currently being practised in some parts of Southeast Asia. We have also collaborated extensively with partners who have the technological expertise and technical know-how in setting up and managing modern, commercial-sized farms. By leveraging on all these, we have developed a protocol of systems and processes to cheaply and efficiently rear crickets and, at the same time, reduce the reliance on manual labour.

As our company name suggests, we are targeting Asia as the base for our cricket rearing and we are looking to start a 25,000 sq. ft. cricket farm in Thailand. The crickets will be grown in bins stacked vertically and it is currently being explored on how automated robots on wheels can be incorporated into our processes to handle the feeding. Every year, we aim to produce approximately 250 tonnes of crickets. These crickets will then be cleaned, slow roasted and ground up into a fine powder to be packaged and sold to companies in Europe and North America that create insect-based products for food and feed.

We are also currently in discussions with experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence to understand better on how we can incorporate sensors to collect data points relating to temperature, humidity, water and feed. We intend for all these data to get fed into an algorithm that will enable us to figure out the specificity for controlled parameters such as time, temperature and humidity. So, for example, we will be able to obtain the ideal habitat conditions for crickets at 11 AM on Day 5 of its lifecycle. By doing this, AIFS can leverage on data science and machine learning to reduce operating costs and develop best practices for cricket rearing.

Last but not least, we have negotiated a Letter of Intent with a key partner which will translate into a Purchase Agreement upon the successful setup of our cricket farms. The Purchase Agreement commits that the partner will purchase all that we produce for a period of three years.

More information can be found in our summary:

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